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The Book

Friends! I wrote a book!

As you know, I LOVE painting botanicals, so I'm excited to bring this instructional book to you, straight from my heart.


In this book, I speak to learners of all skill levels and wanted my voice to come through, as if we're hanging out for a paint session with a glass of wine. I start from the beginning by covering the basic to more advanced materials, techniques, and color theory in a way that feels like you can jump right in (because if you're like me, you just want to get to it!) I curated 22 plants and flowers to teach you through step by step tutorials, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy for this plant lady to narrow it down!

So, you've got the watercolor techniques down, your favorite leaves, plants and florals down - now, my goal for you with this book is to be able to create your own cards, gifts, painted pieces, and more to brighten up your life and others'.

I also hope to make you giggle a little along the way. 

Join me on a watercolor journey you won't regret! You can order my book from any of the following retailers, and don't forget to subscribe to my email list (here) to get up to date information on upcoming book events and tour workshops! I want to close by saying a huge "THANK YOU" for your support, shared laughs and your contribution of art to this world. 

Let's paint!

- Eunice

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