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With over 16 years of marketing experience and 10 years of running social media in-house, I'm currently the Director of Social Media at Kaplan, where I lead a team overseeing 13 direct-to-consumer products across 25 accounts on major social platforms like TikTok, Meta, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In this role, I focus on developing overarching strategies that drive brand awareness, engagement, and acquisition, and lead a team that caters to our consumers, fostering a sense of community throughout their educational and career journeys. I launched and scaled our influencer program that provides substantial ROI and supports product marketing and brand awareness initiatives. I've been able to lead my team in growing engagement by 175%, increasing impressions by 373% - reaching 2 billion, and driving a 157% increase in website traffic from 2022-2023. I am also an artist and mom, sharing content on my Instagram related to watercolor instruction, design, and parenting products.

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